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Krasa International has presented a commercial space at Sector 140, Noida Expressway by the name of the Krasa Centrade Business Park Noida. This venture presents Retail shops of floor area varies from 200 square feet to 750 square feet at a really reasonable cost. Being a new participant in the real estate market, The Krasa project is to promote the vast array of verticals suitably based on its longĀ¬ eminence experience based on its expanded business interests. The Krasa Centrade Business Park presents different facilities like 24X7 Health Centre, Fitness Center, Security System, Party Grounds, Beautiful Lift, Large And Luxurious Vehicle Parking etc.
The Krasa Centrade Business Park is a privileged project, offering in Sec 140 Noida Expressway. This venture is a chief undertaking of the Krasa Group, offering lockable offices & completely prepared workplace cabin, business suites & studio apartments in Non Air Conditioners and Air Conditioners spaces. It is closely located to Noida expressway, which connects Greater Noida to Noida. The construction of the Centrade Business Park, Noida is inspired from global business architectural civilization. This good-looking designing is bright to be seen in every of the complex available here, whether its lockable office space, Retail spaces, Virtual workplace spaces or Business cottages.

Specifications of the Krasa Centrade Business Park

First steel structure of Delhi NCR

The Krasa Centrade Business Park is the 1st steel structure of Delhi and National Capital Region. Steel structures enhances building competence due to its mass manufacture while conserves tight construction strength. Steel structures protect the building from earthquake and other natural calamities.

Green building featuring healthy environment and enriched human life

Green building is a prospect to create risk-free, energy proficient & Eco friendly structures.

World Class infrastructure and integration of the latest technology

This is going to be the best infrastructure design of the whole world. The Architectures of this grand developments use all latest technologies for constructing this world class commercial venture. This venture is designed by the famous architects of the whole world.

The building is designed by one of the renowned architect firm- DFA (Design Forum of Architect)

Design Forum of Architect is also recognized as the DFA is a group of well-known Indian and universal architects working together to summon the disputes of the new growing India. The Krasa Centrade Business Park is also designed by this well-known construction corporation.

Earthquake resistant structure

The compensation of making earthquake defiant structure are the reduction of property smash up, damages and lives that accumulate in the occasion of an earthquake. The accuse is the extra possessions necessary to make sure the structures are opposing. They are constructed to permit the structure to move with the earthquake & not move adjacent to it and consequently the structure is not put under damage that can cause damage & collapse.

Rainwater harvesting, storage

Rainwater harvesting is a method used for bringing together & accumulates rainwater from the porches, the ground facade or rock catchments using simple techniques, for instance bumps & containers with more complex techniques for example subversive confirm booms. The techniques characteristically found in Asia and Africa happen from carrying out works by primitive societies within these regions & still offer as a major supply of drinking water resource in pastoral areas. The Centrade Business Park Noida also offers rainwater harvesting system on their rooftops.

Unhindered Movement Of Traffic

People for all time need serenity for doing their workplace work. So, you require to begin your business at the unconstrained traffic zone. The Centrade Business Park is the most excellent place for opening your business at peaceful environment. There you will get all tranquility for making your workplace work in a serene environment.

Beautiful landscaping

The surroundings of the business space are situated in gorgeous landscaping. Noida Expressway has been previously a hotspot location of the Noida city because there is a lot of gorgeous landscaping. It is situated near all beautiful backgrounds. This is one of the finest locations for making your brain cool & pacify.

Surface and multi level basement parking services

Multi level vehicle parking is so much in tendency since in present time, every individual has their own auto vehicle or any other transport. So, at the time interact with family or associates, they require a car parking place close at their special location or at the workplace location. Consequently, the Krasa Centrade Business Park presents plane & a multilevel car parking place for all the populace who are doing work & individual parking space is also presented for guest parking.

Provision of access and video surveillance

At Krasa Centrade Business Park, you will absolutely get a 24 hour safekeeping measures system, with video surveillance & the necessities of access. Their you get all round safety measures with this facility.

12 Assured return till possession

The Centrade Business Park also offers 12 % assured return till ownership to the people, who desire to invest in business undertakings. This is the most excellent deal of any development in Delhi NCR at Noida Expressway.

Lease guarantee of 9% after possession for a virtual space, bank and ATM

We are offering you the lease guarantee of 9% after the possession to the investor of Virtual space, ATM, and Banks to the limited period of time.

Centrade Business Park, Sector 140 Noida

Krasa Centrade Business Park Noida

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